Dynamic 2017-18 Report
School Facilities (School Year 2017-18) Text Updated: 1/11/2018

The Secondary Community Day School facility has two classrooms.  The facility is a newer building and the rooms meet all safety requirements.  The classroom contains six student computers with Internet access.  Breakfast and lunches are delivered to the school daily.
The chart displays the results of the most recent facilities inspection at the school. Information in the table was collected in November, 2017.

School Facility Conditions
Date of Last Inspection: 11/15/2017
Overall Summary of School Facility Conditions: Exemplary
Items InspectedFacility Component System StatusDeficiency & Remedial Actions Taken or Planned
Systems (Gas Leaks, Mech/HVAC, Sewer)X  
Cleanliness (Overall Cleanliness, Pest/Vermin Infestation)X  Minor basic cleaning required, in process
Restrooms/FountainsX  Ceiling tiles by lighting hole need to be replaced, in process
Safety (Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials)X  
Structural (Structural Damage, Roofs)X  Overall the Alpine County Secondary Community Day School is in good repair, functional, and safe for students
External (Grounds, Windows, Doors, Gates, Fences)X  
Data Source: School - 2011-12
File Date: 1/3/2012
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