Principal's Message Text Updated: 12/6/2013

On behalf of the teachers, students, parents, administration and the Mineral School District Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome you to Scholar Academy.

We offer a full range of online academic courses, grades 6 through 12. Our mission is to provide an individualized standards-based education for students in Tehama and adjacent counties through innovative electronic methods, state of the art mastery-based curriculum, traditional instructional models and parental involvement resulting in skill mastery.

We target any student who can benefit most from a self-paced, individualized instruction that is delivered on site or in the home via technology. We believe that, given a comprehensive and mastery-based curriculum, high expectations, access to technology (computer and Internet), strong instructional support, guidance from experienced teachers, a strong commitment from parents (or other caring adults), and a well-conceived virtual education program that can help boost student achievement, serve the unique needs of students and families, and offer a new model for effective public education in the 21st century.

If you think that eScholar Academy might be a good match for your child, please contact us at the above number. and one of our registrars will be glad to answer your questions


Dr. Harold Vietti, Executive Director