Discipline & Climate for Learning Text Updated: 1/27/2014

Students at eScholar Academy are guided by specific rules and classroom expectations that promote respect, cooperation, courtesy and acceptance of others. The goal of eScholar Academies discipline program is to promote self-directed learns who are able to demonstrate self-motivation, self-discipline and responsibility to accomplish achievable goals.

Parents and students are informed of school rules and discipline policies through  the Parent/Student handbook which is posted on our website.

The Suspensions and Expulsions table illustrates total cases for the last three years, as well as a percentage of enrollment. Suspensions are expressed in terms of total infractions, not number of students suspended, as some students may have been suspended on multiple occasions. Expulsions occur only when required by law or when all other alternatives are exhausted.

eScholar Academy recognizes and celebrates the achievements and successes of students and staff on a regular basis.  Students are recognized for their achievements during awards assemblies and by their classroom teacher.

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Data Source: School - 2016-17
File Date: 2/13/2014