Counseling & Support Staff (School Year 2012/2013) (School Year 2013-14) Text Updated: 1/27/2014

It is our goal to assist students in their social and personal development as well as academics. The school gives special attention to students who experience achievement problems, difficulty coping with personal and family problems, trouble with decision making, or handling peer pressure.  

On staff we have a certificated counselor to work with our students two days a week.  He is assigned to work with students who are having difficulty attending school and completing assigned work.  His role is to help the student break down the barriers that are preventing them from being successful. Note: One Full Time Equivalent (FTE) equals one staff member working full time; one FTE could also represent two staff members who each work 50 percent of full time.

Counseling & Support Services Staff
 Number of StaffFull Time Equivalent
Guidance Counselor1.5

Data Source: School - 2016-17
File Date: 11/20/2006