Federal Intervention Program (School Year 2012/2013) (School Year 2014-15) Text Updated: 1/27/2014

Schools and districts receiving federal Title I funding enter Program Improvement (PI) if they do not make AYP for two consecutive years in the same content area (English/Language Arts or Mathematics) or on the same indicator (API or graduation rate). After entering PI, schools and districts advance to the next level of intervention with each additional year that they do not make AYP.  eScholar Academy has been approved under the Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM).  In addition, it does not receive federal Title I funding and does not participate in the Program  Improvement Program.

For detailed information about PI identification, see the CDE PI Status Determinations Web page: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/ay/tidetermine.asp.

Federal Intervention Programs
Program Improvement (PI) StatusNot in PINot in PI
First Year in PI--
Year in PI--
# of Title I Schools Currently In PI-0
% of Title I Schools Currently In PI- 

Data Source: CDE - 2015-16
File Date: 12/6/2016